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July 17 2017

medieval blogging


the town crier, riding in on a pony: hear ye, hear ye! the great Zachariah Gayndam, user of Tumblre, Warrior of Sociale Justice, doth decree, upon his trusted Followeres and Mutuales,

“O Wyrm?”

July 16 2017

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the orange “Net Neutrality is Dead” post with a white gavel was made in 2014


i’ve been seeing this post making the rounds again:

however, viewing this post on the sidebar with New Xkit’s Timestamps extension installed reveals that this post was made in January 2014. you can see this below:

you can also find this January 2014 post date by viewing the post’s permalink page on a desktop.

Net Neutrality is a very important topic, but this post is 3.5 years old! it’s best to find a newer post to reblog that will have accurate information. 


Don’t ignore this Net Neutrality stuff people. DON’T IGNORE IT. It WON’T go away on it’s own and if you’re on the internet RIGHT NOW, you have the power to do something about it. 

If the internet means ANYTHING to you, if it’s an escape, if you support creators, if you stand for free press and speech and the right to self start, STAND UP FOR ITS RIGHT TO BE FREELY AVAILIBLE TO EVERYONE!!

Wealth is a disease to these people. They have more money than any of us will ever have. They have the power to do good, and they don’t. STAND UP   TO THEM! 

Go to this link, fill out the form, and SEND IT. Send 10. Send 20. Make it perfectly clear how suicidal it would be to agree to this.

It takes 5 minutes. Do it. 

Nonbinary bisexuals are amazing

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Yin & Yang, Aku Aku & Uka Uka

Hey, what the fuck gives you the right to rip off my friend @curious-shadow-cat’s art? Delete this & draw your own fucking art.

Hey if ppl could spread this that’d be great bc my friend works rly hard on her art & deserves the recognition & not this low life art thief.


Gay Jokes

by gay people: about culture, fashion, relationships, loving each other, self-love, community, common experiences, gender expression and variation, gay history, satire on oppression and trauma, genuinely multifaceted comedy surrounding gay identity and what it means internally and in relation to our culture

by straights: literally only about sex or a stale rehash of the Sassy Gay Friend™ trope. that’s it. 

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Revisiting: Personal work.


fun trauma thing: simultaneously feeling too mature and immature compared to everyone else


why encourage heterosexuality bro?

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He literally looks like a khajiit in oblivion

July 15 2017

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Urgent: Please Help Protect Me From My Stalker


Hi y'all my name is Alem. I know what a lot of you might be thinking “Another Tumblr person asking for some damn money 🙄 watch her say she never did this before 🙄🙄.” I actually never did this before but this is what its come to.

I have a dangerous stalker who is harassing me and is threatening to kill me. He deadass said “You’re dying tonight”! He knows everything about me. EVERYTHING!!! He has my personal information and he’s using it against me. He even came to my house!!!!

We used to work together a very long time ago and we had a “Hi. Bye.” type of work relationship. He had a crush on me and he had a negative response when he found out I liked women.

I already have a Temporary Peace Order out for him and pending criminal charges against him. I desperately need the money to pay for an attorney to help me get this Peace Order approved. Because if I don’t, I will have to request for a new Peace Order. If I request for a new Peace Order I will NOT be able to reuse any of the evidence I’m using for my current Peace Order against him…I hope that made sense.

I really don’t want this man to get away with all the crazy shit he’s putting me through. I can’t tell y'all all the details because I have several court dates coming up and I’m not tryna get in trouble.

I need to come up with $1600 in LESS than a week. This is EXTREMELY time sensitive because I have to go to court very soon…I don’t want to give out the dates for safety reasons.

Any amount will help…$0.50, $1…anything!!!!!!! I will forever be grateful!!! If you cannot donate, I completely understand! Reblogging this will also help.

Here’s the link to my cash app and here’s my PayPal

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you: todd howard has limited involvement in the actual development of bethesda games, he’s just a director and a producer

me, an intellectual: todd howard is personally responsible for every single detail in every single bethesda game and single-handedly crafted every game with his bare, cowardly hands


I don’t even know who I be following anymore I just be clickin shit

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now this is what Im talkin about 

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